Tungsten Worm Weight Price –Jul.06, 2018

tungsten worm weight picture

95%W 10.6G/PC tungsten worm weight price is 0.75 USD/PC on Jul.06, 2018. Tungsten worm weight, also called tungsten barrel weights in some countries, is known as "Diamond Series" because of they are drilled, beveled and diamond polished to avoid damaging the line. It features for cone or bullet shape, which designed to easily slip through weeds and appreciated by bass anglers. The weights have a hole through their center to hold the fishing line.


Aircraft Tungsten Bucking Bar Price on Jul.06, 2018

aircraft tungsten bucking bar picture

95WNIFE aircraft tungsten bucking bar price which density is 18.0g/cm3 is 67.70 USD/PC on Jul.06, 2018. For aircraft, it needs different types and shapes of bucking bars in the demolition of fasteners such as rivets and high-lock bolts, professional tools’ maintenance. Bucking bar in ChinaTungsten Online is made of tungsten alloy and its size depends on the size and material of the rivet gun.


Tungsten Dart Billet Price on Jul.06, 2018

tungsten dart billet picture

95W Ø6.35x54.6mm tungsten dart billet price is 2.90USD/PC on Jul.06, 2018. Tungsten dart billet is actually tungsten cylinder rod after surface grinding by center-less processing, and weights are varied from different tungsten contents and rod sizes. ChinaTungsten Online can offer various range of tungsten dart billets, including W-Ni-Fe billet, W-Ni-Cu billet, W-Ni-Cu-Fe, etc. 


Tungsten Gold Plated Paperweight Price – Jul.06, 2018

tungsten gold plated paperweight picture

1 KG tungsten gold plated paperweight price is 385.00USD/PC on Jul.06, 2018. It is composed of tungsten heavy alloy that allows for maximum hardness and rigidity without sacrificing tensile strength. About ten times harder than 18k gold and four times harder than Titanium, so the paperweight will never bend out of shape. The surface is plated with 24K gold with 0.3μm thickness.


Men Tungsten Carbide Bracelet’s Price on Jul. 06, 2018

men tungsten carbide bracelet picture

Men tungsten carbide bracelet’s price is 16.90USD/PC on Jul. 06, 2018. After grinding, polishing, faceted design and other processes, tungsten carbide bracelet is simply but fashionable. It has advantages of radiation-proof, relieving wrist pain easily, and regulating body’s positive and negative ions. This kind of bracelet is beautiful and useful.


Tungsten Alloy Cube for Military Defense Price on Jul. 06, 2018

tungsten alloy cube picture

5x5x5mm tungsten alloy cube for military defense price with density of 17g/cm3 is 105.00USD/KG on Jul. 06, 2018. Having more concentrated weight means having more control to achieve the center of mass that you are targeting. Owing to its great hardness and resistance to high temperature, tungsten has been increasingly adopted in military defense increasingly today. Tungsten alloy cube has high absorption capacity against X-rays and gamma rays and good modulus of elasticity.


Tungsten Alloy Bar Price – Jul. 06, 2018

tungsten alloy bar picture

φ29x560mm tungsten alloy bar price is 670.00USD/PC on Jul. 06, 2018. The product has so many advantages, such as high density, high melting point, small volume, excellent hardness, superior wearing resistance, high ultimate tensile strength, high ductility, high temperature resistance, etc. It can be widely used in many industry sectors.


Black Tungsten Wire Price on Jun. 29, 2018

black tungsten wire image

Ø0.6 black tungsten wire price is 78.00USD/KG on Jun. 29, 2018, EXW, Xiamen, China. The important applications of black tungsten wire are for the production of coiled incandescent lamp filaments, cathode and support structures for power tubes, heating elements for high temperature furnaces and evaporation sources in metalizing processes. Thicker wire sizes, straightened, finish-ground and cut into rod pieces are widely used for glass-to-metal seal lead parts in the lighting and electronic industries.

black tungsten wire price image

black tungsten wire image

Yttrium Tungsten Electrode Price on Jun. 29, 2018

yttrium tungsten electrode image

Yttrium Tungsten electrode price is 0.783USD/PC on Jun. 29, 2018, EXW, Xiamen, China. Regularly they are added with 1.80%~2.2% YO2 and its grade is WY20. It can be recognized by the end color of blue. This kind of electrode is mainly applied in military and aviation industry.

yttrium tungsten electrode price image

yttrium tungsten electrode image


Ø6x150 Tungsten Copper Rod Price on Jun. 28, 2018

tungsten copper rod image

Ø6x150 80W20Cu tungsten copper rod price is 8.80USD/PC on Jun. 28, 2018, EXW, Xiamen, China. The price of tungsten copper rod remains stable and shows a little decreasing trend as the raw material. However, because most raw material factories are closed for environmental issues, it may be going up in the near future.

tungsten copper rod price image

tungsten copper rod image



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