Black Tungsten Wire Price on Sep. 12, 2018

black tungsten wire image

Ø0.6 black tungsten wire price is 70.50USD/KG on Sep. 12, 2018, EXW, Xiamen, China. The surface of black tungsten wire is covered a layer of graphite, which is used as lubricant during the production.

black tungsten wire price image

black tungsten wire image

Pure Tungsten Electrode Price on Sep. 12, 2018

pure tungsten electrode image

Ø6.0x150mm pure tungsten electrode price is 6.20 USD/PC on Sep. 12, 2018, EXW, Xiamen, China. Still because of the environmental protection policy affects the price of tungsten raw materials, the price has been kept stable after a short decrease. But the exchange rate is in a very good condition for exporting now.

pure tungsten electrode price image

pure tungsten electrode image

170x170x1.5 Tungsten Copper Sheet Price on Sep. 11, 2018

tungsten copper sheet image

170x170x1.5mm 80W20Cu tungsten copper sheet price is 85.50USD/PC on Sep. 11, 2018, EXW, Xiamen, China. Copper infiltration is the method to produce tungsten copper. With thickness of 1.5mm, the copper can be infultrated evenly. The sheet is widely used to make heat sink.

tungsten copper sheet price image

tungsten copper sheet image

Tungsten Carbide Ball Price on Sep. 11, 2018

tungsten carbide ball image

YG6 tungsten carbide ball price is 43.00USD/pc on Sep. 11, 2018, EXW, Xiamen, China. Chinatungsten can produce carbide balls with customized dimensions and grades, the tolerance can reach +/-0.00254mm.

tungsten carbide ball price image

tungsten carbide ball image

Tungsten Alloy Fishing Weight Price –Sep.07, 2018

tungsten alloy fishing weight picture

95%W 7.09G/PC tungsten alloy fishing weight price is 0.80 USD/PC on Sep.07, 2018. Tungsten alloy fishing weights create twice the sound of lead as it contacts structure, and they sink quickly with the properties of high mass and low volume. They are environmentally safe because of the material tungsten is non-toxic, which is more important for us. 


Aerospace Tungsten Bucking Bar Price on Sep.07, 2018

aerospace tungsten bucking bar picture

95WNIFE aerospace tungsten bucking bar price which density is 18.0g/cm3 is 44.00USD/PC on Sep.07, 2018. Bucking bar is a work tool received behind work surfaces to provide a backing member in applying impact fasteners and including intermitted toolhead and handle parts with a low-recoil impact-absorbing spacer provided there between to take shock loads in compression and shear.


Tungsten Heavy Alloy Dart Billet Price on Sep.07, 2018

tungsten heavy alloy dart billet picture

90W Ø8.74x50.8mm tungsten heavy alloy dart billet price is 4.30USD/PC on Sep.07, 2018. Chinatungsten Online could supply dart billets by various sizes and contents, popularly 70~90% tungsten is used for making both soft-tip and steel tip barrels, ranging from 14~18 gram and 18~40 gram respectively, and sometimes, 65% and 95~97% tungsten are offered following customers' specific request.


Gold Plated Tungsten Alloy Paperweight Price – Sep.07, 2018

gold plated tungsten alloy paperweight picture

1 KG gold plated tungsten alloy paperweight price is 390.00USD/PC on Sep.07, 2018. The paperweights are one of those items that you really don't realize you need until you have one. Now the executive can keep those papers in place or mark special piles in style. Paperweights can be engraved or imprinted with company logo.


Black Tungsten Carbide Ring Price on Sep. 07, 2018

black tungsten carbide ring picture

Black tungsten carbide ring price is 4.90USD/PC on Sep. 07, 2018. In Chinese tungsten market, the weakness in terminal demand and thin trading volumes continue to press down tungsten powder prices. Therefore, offer for black tungsten carbide ring declines slightly. 


Military Tungsten Cube Price on Sep. 07, 2018

military tungsten cube picture

19.05x19.05x19.05mm military tungsten cube price with density of 17g/cm3 is 225.00USD/KG on Sep. 07, 2018. Tungsten cube is made of tungsten alloy material and is progressively adopted since the raw substance to create components of army products, which include bullet, armor and shells, shrapnel head, grenade, hunting gun, bullet warheads, bulletproof vehicles, tank panzers, cannons, firearms, etc.




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